The first engagement metric for iOS offers Similarweb clients a view into any app's active user base. iOS represents ~52% of the US app market share.


What is the Value?

Together with our Android app data, this will enable you to gain a complete understanding of app performance and strength and compare engagement to publicly report KPIs - specifically for non-gaming apps (think travel, shopping, and ridesharing).

This metric is available in Excel and can be added along with the rest of the widget to a dashboard- and is also available via the API!

Note: We have data for 3.7K (and growing) iOS apps’ monthly active users in the United States. Data will be available from December 2018 onwards.

How to Use

  1. From Research Intelligence > App Analysis, enter the app you would like to analyze.

  2. From the left menu, select Overview > Engagement.

For more on measuring active users, read our blog post, "Why Daily Active Users Matter and How To Boost User Engagement."

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Company Research > App Analysis > Overview > Engagement

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