The first engagement metric for iOS offers Similarweb clients a view into any app's active user base. iOS represents ~52% of the US app market share.


What is the Value?

Together with our Android app data, this will enable you to gain a complete understanding of app performance and strength and compare engagement to publicly report KPIs - specifically for non-gaming apps (think travel, shopping, and ridesharing).

This metric is available in Excel and can be added along with the rest of the widget to a dashboard- and is also available via the API!

Note: We have data for 3.7K (and growing) iOS apps’ monthly active users in the United States. Data will be available from December 2018 onwards.

How to Use App Engagement

Within Company Research > App Analysis, you can view app engagement metrics for up to five sites.

For more on measuring active users, read our blog post, "Why Daily Active Users Matter and How To Boost User Engagement."

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Company Research > App Analysis > Overview > Engagement

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