After setting up your lists based on new leads generated or your existing book of business, learn how to manage them more efficiently with a few easy-to-use tips.

How to Use

  1. Visit your Similarweb Sales Intelligence home page (bookmark for easy access).

  2. View each list of leads/clients to see what are the most recent changes and prioritize your tasks for the day.

  3. Did something catch your attention? Take a deeper dive by further analyzing the relevant lead further.

Set yourself up for success with these quick tips to customize your view and help you get the most out of your lists:

Add/edit metrics in your table.

  1. From the Sales Intelligence home page, select a list.

  2. From the Default View drop-down, select Custom.

  3. Select any metrics you wish to see and click Apply to add them to your table

Sorting out leads to prioritize outreach

Your time is limited, and you obviously can’t reach out to all of your leads in one day; therefore you must learn how to prioritize your leads based on potential. Start by having a clear definition of what are the most important things that will make a lead a bigger potential for you.

For example, if you are an Ad-Tech company looking for publishers to partner with, you would want to prioritize your list of leads based on total page views or unique visits.


  • Evaluate growth potential based on visits trend - is it increasing or decreasing?

  • Evaluate brand size & reach based on unique visits

  • Evaluate on-site performance by analyzing engagement - time spend/pages per visit/bounce rate.

If you concluded this lead is not relevant, consider removing the lead from your list.

PRO TIP: Low engagement for an eCommerce site is an indication of a low likelihood for conversion.

Find out more company details.

Within the list, click a website.

  • In the About tab, you will see General Information, including Monthly Visits, Visits month over month , and year over year. In addition, see the Top 5 Countries by Share and Growth, Top Opportunities, and Company News.

  • In the Site Trends tab, you will see Total monthly visits, Bounce rate of mobile visits, Mobile avg, visit duration, and Avg. pages per visit of mobile traffic.

  • In the Insights Generator tab, you will see Mobile avg. visit duration, Bounce rate of mobile visits, Avg. pages per visit of mobile traffic, Acquisition from mobile, and Share of acquisition from mobile.


  • In all tabs, you can click to see more in-depth information.

  • Click the Gear icon to change your preferred topics.

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