What Is Sales Intelligence And How To Use It To Win More Deals

To make each engagement with a client or prospect more impactful and maximize its potential, salespeople are required to gather every piece of information that is out there. Your prospects are getting a lot of cold calls and cold emails, so to get a real competitive advantage and “get your foot in the door”, you need to offer an added value with a consultative approach addressing your prospect’s pain. The same thing is also true for your existing clients, you need to continuously win their business by knowing what they need.

The best type of Sales Intelligence is the type that doesn’t relate to you, but rather focuses on your PROSPECT or CLIENT. This type of Sales Intelligence will give you context about their online activity and priorities. Based on that information you can understand what they need, and it’s up to you to connect the dots and prove how your solution solves their pain.

With Similarweb Sales Intelligence solution you can:

  • Prospect for new leads based on a set online criterion that fits the strengths of your business

  • Qualify leads based on potential

  • Time your reach out based on changes in your prospect/client online activity

  • Increase response rate by demonstrating knowledge into your prospect's business

  • Increase conversion rate by better identifying opportunities and creating more compelling conversations

Learn how to use Similarweb Sales Solution to find, close, and retain more business, faster.

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