Use the Lead Generator to build a list of ideal leads based on online performance insights. Define your search criteria with 50+ web metrics and get a fresh list of accounts every month.

Learn how to generate new lead lists based on defined criteria using the Lead Generator.

What is the value?

Leverage Sales Intelligence to discover new high-quality prospects that have a clear need for your solution and see how easy it is to find new leads.

You can customize your leads based on various criteria and filters, each representing different aspects of a company’s web activity. This allows you to focus your prospecting efforts.

How to Generate New Leads

Leads can be generated in several ways using the Lead Generator tools. Search for leads by Company, Industry Leaders, Topic Leaders, Competitor's Customers.


The steps below cover how to generate leads by Company.

  1. From the Sales Intelligence home page, use the left sidebar and select Find Companies > Company search.

    (Or, from the Sales Workspace, select Find outbound leads > New Search.)

  2. Use the filters to the left to build your search criteria and focus prospecting efforts. Set traffic and engagement parameters, website categories and technologies, and geographic locations, as desired.

    The following filters are available:

    Quick Search

    • Use this free text search for ad-hoc searches of specific websites or brands for a quick review.


    • Type: Choose between Transactional & eCommerce, which are websites where a payment can occur, or content (Digital Publishers/Advertisers) to find new publishers to partner with

    • Industry: Similarweb categorizes every website by industry (see the full list of industries available). You can filter to include any industry or a specific industry.

    • Technologies: Generate leads based on the technologies they have installed on their website. Find leads working with competing or complementary technology. You can also exclude certain technologies, such as your own product or technology that indicates a low likelihood of partnering with you.

      Note: Look at Monthly Visits to understand how many devices/people visited the site.

    • Top Level Domains: Filter by domain, either containing or ending with a certain extension (i.e., .com, .org, etc.)


    • Headquarter Location: Choose the country where the company is HQed; after selecting a country, you can further filter based on a list of zip codes. You can also find all companies with HQ Zip codes that begin with certain digits/characters (in addition to finding companies located in an exact Zip code).

    • Employee Headcount: Select the headcount of up to 10,000 employees.

    • Annual Revenue (USD): Select the annual revenue of up to one billion dollars.

    Traffic & Engagement

    • Conditions on visits from: Choose the desired country (or countries) for incoming traffic to the website.

    • Visits, Visitors & Total Pageviews: Define the traffic criteria to isolate the size and reach of the website.

    • Engagement: Choose to include leads based on traffic quality.

    • Marketing Channels: Set the desired levels of incoming traffic from specific sources.

    • Traffic Changes: Find websites gaining/losing traffic or focus on traffic changes from specific marketing channels.

    • Audience Gender: Include all traffic or only specific traffic based on gender.

    • Audience Age: Include all traffic or only specific traffic based on age.


    You can filter to hide websites already in your lists or only show matches that didn't your criteria (vs. previous month).

    You can also exclude irrelevant domains, for example, clients or prospects you are already working with by selecting the Suppression List filter.

  3. Once all filters have been set, click Save Search, provide a name, and then click Save.

The lead generator tool produces a list of leads based on the criteria selected. From the search results, create a list of prospects to track and monitor in Similarweb, or export the list of prospects.

  1. To add prospects to a list to monitor, click Save to My Lists. You can add prospects to an existing list or create a new list to use to monitor prospects. Click Save.

  2. To export a list of prospects, choose the Top Websites, or manually select the list of prospects. Click Export.

Suggested Searches

Search ideas by the type of websites, for example, All sites, Small & Fast Growing, Low engagement sites, or Declining websites.

Note: You can filter by Ecommerce, Advertisers, or Publishers.

Managing and using your Saved Searches

  • Once you have Saved Searches set up, you can view and manage them from the Workspace. This will show you all the saved searches you defined so far, the number of results available for each, how many new leads are available, and how many were already added to a list.

  • Choose the relevant leads and add them to a list.


When can you see new available leads?

Every month on the 8th, a new set of fresh leads will become available. If you created the list in the current month, the list would reflect leads currently available without showcasing changes from the previous month.

Feature location

Sales Intelligence > Find companies > Company search

Sales workspace > Find Outbound Leads

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