In this guide, you will learn how to generate new leads using the Lead Generator functionality, based on your specific criteria.

Let’s dive in. Within your SimilarWeb account, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Navigate to your personalized workspace and choose the option to Build A Lead List

Step 2:

When prompted, choose a name for your list and hit Create. This list will now be available under the leads panel on the left-hand menu bar in your workspace. Find new leads by clicking Find new leads.


Step 3:

Specify your filters and click Run

When choosing your lead generation filters, keep the following in mind:

  • Category: SimilarWeb categorizes every website (click here to see the full list of categories available). Select the category or categories you are interested in (e.g., for clothing stores choose Lifestyle > Fashion and Apparel)

  • Finding transactional or content sites: With SimilarWeb, each website is under the category of the product being sold (i.e. Computers, Electronics, and Technology). Once you find the relevant category, set the filter to include only ‘Transactional websites’ or ‘Content publishing websites’.

  • Website Technologies (also known as Technographics): generate leads based on the technologies they have installed on their website. Find leads working with competing or complementary technology. You can also exclude certain technologies, such as your own product, or when it indicates a low likelihood of partnering with you.

  • Country: Which country (or countries) is this site getting traffic from

  • Traffic criteria: How many visitors/customers are going to the website?

Note: Choose Unique Monthly Visits to understand how many unique devices/people visited the site.

  • HQ - including zip code(s): choose the country where the company is HQed; after selecting a country you can further filter based on a list of zip codes. You can also find all companies with HQ Zip codes that begin with certain digits/characters (in addition to finding companies that are located in an exact Zip code).

  • Growth Filters: only find websites that are gaining/losing traffic, you can even focus on traffic changes from specific marketing channels. For example, identify who is increasing media spend by setting the filter to include an increase in Paid Search or Display.

TASK: Try it yourself - set your criteria and generate a list based on the results.

Step 4:

Select the relevant prospects you want to track by clicking the checkbox on the left of the results table

Step 5:

Select Add to List and Finish

Note: Your workspace can track up to 1,000 leads at one time. If you are close to capacity, delete any unwanted lists or websites, and either create a new list or add to your existing lists!

Congratulations! You have now successfully created a list of tailored prospects!

Now that you have your list of leads, learn more about using your lists to manage your pipeline in the next guides.

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