We improved our website category algorithm!


What has changed?

The new algorithm has been updated and improved to reflect the categorization of websites more effectively. The updated categorization now incorporates both website content as well as audience browsing behavior, driving a more accurate taxonomy and hierarchy to surface valuable insights when benchmarking.

How does it work?

  1. The new algorithm analyzes the browsing patterns of a website’s traffic
  2. The algorithm selects the most engaged audience to contribute as the most prominent source of data 
  3. The algorithm categorizes the website based on the audience’s browsing patterns and site content

Why is the new category algorithm better?



  • More accurate site categorization now provides even more reliable benchmarking & insights
  • Greater coverage of site categorization now provides complete peer sets, including the newest players in any category
  • A more simplified category tree makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for - from 247 to 172 categories
  • Categories are now aligned with industry standards such as IAB and provide a more intuitive user experience

How will the new algorithm affect me? 

  • Category Analysis - There is now a different category list with changes in the websites assigned to each category. No impact on custom categories.
  • Website Analysis - There is now a different category list when using “Benchmark to a Category”. No impact on custom categories.
  • Dashboards - Dashboards based on a specific category (e.g. Market Analysis dashboard) might change. Categories that no longer exist will be redirected to the new category.


To see the full list of categories click here.

For any questions, please contact your account manager or Support at support@similarweb.com


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