Boolean Search helps you to create more relevant keyword groups by enabling you to customize your search using boolean search operators (include/exclude). As a result, you will narrow your keyword results and find the best keywords to target!


What is Boolean Search?

Boolean search is a type of search that enables users to combine keywords with operators or modifiers, such as include and exclude, to produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be “includehotel” and “excludecheap”. This would limit the search results to those keyword phrases containing the word hotel while leaving out keywords containing the word cheap. In addition, you can include or exclude URLs containing the keyword.

Refining the parameters of a keyword search to include and exclude specific terms will yield results that are more focused and more relevant.


Where can I find the Boolean Search Operator in the Similarweb PRO?

The Boolean Search Operator exists within the search bar on the Keywords and Keyword Phrases pages of the Search Traffic section in the Research Module.

Example queries using Boolean Search

Find search terms about a topic that doesn’t mention your brand. You can filter out keywords with the help of negative keywords.

The following examples are keyword searches for the site

1. Keyword: sneakers. Negative keyword: adidas


2. Keywords: running shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, trainers. Negative keyword: nike


How Can I Use Boolean Search Operators?

Generating relevant keywords at scale can make a vital contribution to your SEO efforts and your content marketing strategy.

Laser-focused keyword results for any given search term means more effective targeting for keywords and content.

What's next?

Once you've selected the keywords that are most relevant for your business, build a keyword list, and monitor the performance over time.

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