Qualify Potential Affiliate Partners

Qualify each site on the list of potential affiliates that you have identified.

The previous guide featured four ways you can use Similarweb to identify potential affiliate partners. The next guide in this series will show you how to track and optimize your affiliate relationships.

Once you have a list of potential affiliate partners to approach, you will need to qualify them to prioritize your efforts and ensure that the affiliates most likely to deliver a speedy return on investment are at the top of your call list.

There are three key steps to qualifying an affiliate lead, all available within the Digital Research tab.

  1. Go to Digital Research → Competitive Analysis and enter the domain of the lead you would like to analyze.

  2. on the left-hand menu bar, go to Traffic & Engagement to view statistics for each lead. Page views, time on site and bounce rate are the metrics which give an indication of the quality of traffic reaching each potential affiliate.

  3. On the left-hand menu bar, navigate to Marketing Channels. Here you will be able to review the distribution of traffic sources for the site.

    Note: Sites which see a lot of direct traffic and organic search traffic (branded and non-branded) demonstrate brand strength and are likely to have more sustainable volumes of traffic than those that rely more heavily on paid traffic.

  4. On the left-hand menu bar, under “Traffic”, go to Outgoing Traffic for each lead to reveal who they are currently sending traffic to and who you will be competing with for their traffic.


Note: You should also look at the patterns of outgoing traffic over time to determine the volatility of the relationship this potential affiliate has with its partners. Use the date selection in the top right corner to select a different time period.

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