Qualify Potential Affiliate Partners

The previous guide featured four ways you can use Similarweb to identify potential affiliate partners. Now, let's see how to best qualify each site on the list of potential affiliates that you've discovered.

How do you know if an affiliate partner is right for your business?

Finding good affiliates allows you to reach new audiences, drive more traffic, and eventually convert more customers. But, before you start mobilizing content plans, you'll want to qualify affiliate partners and prioritize your outreach based on which affiliates are most likely to deliver a return on your investment in them.


In this guide, we'll show you how to use Similarweb to:


Analyze the Website Performance of an affiliate

First things first: how healthy is an affiliate's website? Are they driving significant and quality traffic? To answer these questions, you'll want to gauge website performance based on affiliate type. For example, a News & Media site stands to drive more traffic than an independent blog.

  1. Working in the Marketing Intelligence >  Affiliates Research module, navigate to Analyze Affiliates. Enter an Affiliate in the search field.



    On the Website Performance page, set the desired Timeframe and Geographic region. If you'd like to compare affiliates, click +Compare to add up to four additional sites.

  2. Evaluate Key Metrics and Insights

    The Website Performance Overview is the window into the traffic volume, quality, and sources for any website. Use the data and insights on this page to get an in-depth understanding of the landscape for any affiliate worldwide.


    Metrics that matter: Traffic & Engagement

    • Evaluate the Visits (quantity) and Engagement (quality) to find partners who can really deliver. Use Visits, Visit Duration, Visitor insights, and Bounce Rates to signify high performance


    Further down the page see Visits Over Time, Geography, and Search insights.


    Metrics that matter:

    • Curious about geographic presence? View Top Countries and % Change in traffic compared to the previous month.

      Tip: Note any countries where you may not currently have a presence and consider how this affiliate may help you gain traction in a new market.

    • As you think through whether you'd like to invest in this affiliate to market your products, take a look at their Search performance.

      Consider: How does Organic Search perform as compared to other marketing channels? What are their top Organic Search terms? Are they relevant to your business? What are their top Paid Search terms and what does that say about their business?

Research the Outgoing Traffic of an affiliate

Now that you know how an affiliate is performing in terms of attracting traffic to their site, let's get down to brass tacks and see how good they are at driving traffic to other sites.

  1. Navigate to the Outgoing Traffic page to view top-level outgoing traffic metrics.

  2. Evaluate the key metrics and insights


    Metrics the matter: The Outgoing Traffic page gives a full picture of the traffic volume for the affiliate.

    • The number of Outgoing Visits and Outgoing Domains give a clear view of how much traffic the affiliate sees coming through their sites.

    • And, the Industries and Topics indicate what that affiliate is focused on and where they perform best.

    Click an industry of interest to take a deeper dive into the specific industries and gauge the top domains and their traffic share.

    • See the associated Domains for this industry. Identify the leaders and note their Traffic Share within the industry and the % Change.

    • Click the down arrow next to the Domain to view the Outgoing Traffic Share Over Time. If they're sending to an e-commerce marketplace that your business uses, look to see if that traffic is increasing.

    Similarweb Tip: Don't know what a Domain does or who they are? Select the Knowledge Panel icon next to their site link to view a pop-up on their company overview and performance, including Monthly Visits and Bounce Rate.

Try it out and start your own analysis now!

Discover sites similar to an affiliate

After qualifying an affiliate, like what you see? Discover more sites like that one by going to the Similar Sites page.

  1. Navigate to the Similar Sites page.

  2. Evaluate the key metrics and insights


    Metrics that matter:

    • Scroll down to the table to view the Domains in order of Affinity, or the similarity between the analyzed site and that Domain.

    • Scan the table and take note of the Industry and Global Rank.

    How do these sites compare to your analyzed affiliate? Consider what these Similar Sites say about this potential affiliate partner.

    As you go through this list, keep an eye out for domains of interest and check the boxes next to the site links to create a new Partner List. You can bookmark these for further research, and qualify them as potential affiliate partners, too.

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