Build Your Growth Marketing Strategy

Grow your online market share by learning from the most successful marketing strategies of your competitors.

What is growth marketing? Growth marketing is a data-driven, scientific approach to marketing that borrows from lean and agile processes. Start building your strategy by analyzing competitors to see what works for them and find where you can get an edge.



In this guide, you'll learn to use the competitive insights available only with Similarweb to:

  • Identify the best-performing traffic marketing channels

  • Uncover your competitors marketing strategies

  • Target growth opportunities with the best ROI for your business

Identify the best-performing traffic marketing channels

Let's start by finding the marketing channels driving the most traffic for your competitors. See the traffic winners across the marketing channel mix and uncover how the competition may be allocating their marketing budget.

  1. In the Competitive Research module, enter the primary website in the search bar.

  2. Go to the Marketing Channels page.

    Click +Compare to add up to four competitor sites. Use the filters in the upper right to set the TimeGeography , and Traffic Type (desktop or mobile) to refine your analysis.

  3. Look at the traffic volume and share across the marketing mix. Use the # and % toggles to get two distinct views of the traffic distribution.

    Which competitor is strongest in each channel? Which channels lead at generating Traffic?
    How does your traffic volume (%) compare by channel?
    What is the traffic share distribution (%) across channels?
    Can you identify where competitors focusing their efforts and winning market share?

    Toggle the filters at the top right of the page: time frame, geographic region , and type of Traffic.

    How have competitors' strategies changed?
    Do they have different strategies for different target countries and across platforms?

    As you conduct competitive analysis, consider what the competitor data means for your website. If competitors have high traffic volumes for Organic Search and Direct Traffic, why is yours low? Can you find opportunities to change or optimize your strategy?

Uncover your competitors marketing strategies

Traffic metrics across the marketing channel mix can be used to uncover competitors' specific strategies. See if you can spot where they invest their marketing budgets and when.

  1. On the Marketing Channels page, scroll down to the Channel Traffic and Engagement module.

    Traffic and engagement metrics provide insights into the quality of the traffic coming from each marketing channel.



  2. Click through the engagement tabs - Traffic, Average Visit Duration, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate. Which competitors have top-performing engagement? Look for opportunities to improve your strategy.

    For example, a high Traffic Share but a low Avg. Visit Duration and Pages / Visit may indicate a need to improve the quality of the Traffic.


  3. Look out for any overlap across traffic spikes that may point to how your competitors executed a campaign.

    For example, a significant spike in Direct and Email channel traffic could indicate the use of Email to drive traffic to the company website.



    Tip: Looking at a competitor that sells products across multiple skews?

    Figure out whether a campaign is for almond milk vs. almonds by looking at Search Ads and Display Creatives. That will tell you exactly what your competitors are advertising and where they're leading customers.


  4. Accelerate time-to-insight by using Marketing Channel insight tiles (Beta). These automated tiles highlight new channels, traffic jumps, and traffic drops for you. Click each tile to isolate the insight in the graph below.


Target growth opportunities with the best ROI for your company

It's one thing to launch a campaign. It's another to launch a successful campaign. What strategies are working for your competitors, and what can you learn from them?

  • Look at the channels that indicate a spike in Traffic for a competitor site. Isolate a competitor for analysis by de-selecting the other websites.



    Look at the engagement metrics: Traffic, Avg. Visit Duration, Pages, and Bounce Rates. Compare and contrast the engagement data for each channel to identify which marketing strategies yielded the most engagement.


    Tip: Want to pinpoint precisely where competitor traffic is coming from? Scroll down to Traffic Sources. Look out for any trends particular to your competitive set.


Looking at engagement can reveal customer consideration and even act as a proxy for conversion -- the more engaged a person is, the more likely they are to become a frequent customer with a high customer lifetime value (CLV).

Use these insights to inform your marketing strategy and identify opportunities to grow your presence online.

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