Custom Dashboard Email Notifications


Get notified on changes to your market!

At SimilarWeb, we don’t want you to miss out when there are important changes to your market. Using email notifications - get informed when there are updates to data in your dashboards, directly to your inbox.

To add a dashboard to your weekly or monthly digest, click the “Subscribe” button at the top right of any dashboard:


With email notifications, you can:

  • Get notified weekly on dashboards containing the last 28 days of data, and monthly for dashboards with data that refreshes at a monthly frequency.
  • Choose if you want to receive email notifications, per dashboard



  1. Can I get email notifications for dashboards shared with me?
    • YES!
  2. Are email notifications enabled by default?
    • No, they are disabled by default. You will need to subscribe to the dashboards you wish to receive notifications for.
  3. Can I change the frequency of emails I receive?
    • No. The frequency of the notification emails is synchronized with new data updates. For dashboards containing last 28 days data, you will receive weekly notification emails. For dashboards containing monthly data, you will receive monthly notification emails.
  4. If I subscribe to multiple dashboards, will I get lots of different emails?
    • We will bundle up all your email notifications of the same type. You will get one weekly email for all the dashboards you subscribed to containing last 28 days data. You will get one monthly email for all the dashboards you subscribed to containing monthly data.
  5. I want to turn on/off all my dashboards - is there a way to do this without going into each dashboard separately?
    • No, for now the only way to turn on/off dashboard notifications is by turning this on for each individual dashboard.
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