Website Demographic Data

How do you collect website demographic data?

SimilarWeb has access to hundreds of thousands of internal analytics accounts that provide us with their demographic information (age and gender). SimilarWeb also has the largest and most diverse panel in the industry. The combination of these data sources enables us to build audience profiles and map out the web by seeing the digital journey of hundreds of millions of users.

How does Google Analytics collect their demographic information?

Google Analytics uses third-party DoubleClick cookies to collect the demographic information stored in the cookies.

How accurate is the website demographic data?

The model SimilarWeb created was built using our extensive direct measurement data set in combination with our global panel data.
SimilarWeb built the model using the majority of its direct measurement data set, however, it used the remaining subset of this data set to for accuracy testing, to validate our estimations. The test results were very robust, with only a minor error.

If you show Demographics data, does that mean you collect Personally identifiable information (PII)?

No. Demographic data is based on a learning algorithm that identifies any website’s demographic profile.

The example below shows separate widgets of gender distribution per month. (The months of historical data you’re able to see will depend on your subscription).

Read our blog post How to Use Website Demographics Effectively in Your Audience Analysis for more information about this metric.


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