Location: Web Category Analysis > All Categories > 'Select Category'

Definition: Each website in SimilarWeb is categorized based on SimilarWeb categorization engine. Our code assigns a category for any given website using website content tags, similarity results, and a learning set of millions of websites that have verified category assignments.

Our engine can accurately classify an unknown website into one of 25 main categories and 219 sub-categories. See the full list here. ​

Use Case: Search for  a category within the drop-down menu under Web Category Analysis. These predetermined categories will show you the top 100 websites that are performing in the category and the benchmark standard produced by the websites in this category. This can help indicate what is happening with in an industry as well as identify potential competitors, affiliates or partners.


Web Category Analysis > All Categories > 'Select Category'


On the site level, you can identify the site category through Website Analysis > Website Performance. 

The Global, Country and Category Rank are located on the bottom right corner of the image. The Category Rank will also identify the SimilarWeb category.



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