Sharing Custom Dashboards | Getting Started Guide


New! Share dashboards across your company at the click of a button to:

  • Enhance cross-team alignment with a single ‘source of truth’ across your entire organization.
  • Improve transparency and information flow across departments for better collaboration and decision-making.


Step 1: Visit your Custom Dashboard and click on the Share button on the top right-hand side of the page:



Step 2: Select if you want to share with all users in your SimilarWeb account or specific users.

Step 3: Check the box if you want users to be notified via email that they can now view the dashboard, and add an optional personal message to your colleagues.

Step 4: Once receiving the email notification, users will be able to access your dashboard in view-only mode (without the ability to edit it).




  1. Can I share dashboards with non-SimilarWeb users at my company?
    • You can share dashboards within your SimilarWeb account only, so all recipients will need a SimilarWeb user/license.
  2. How will my colleagues know that I shared a dashboard?
    • You have the option to check the box for users to be notified by email with a link to the shared dashboard.
  3. Can I share dashboards with people outside of my company?
    • No, SimilarWeb dashboards can only be shared within your company.
  4. Can I share with specific people and/or all users in the account?
    • Yes! You have the option to share with specific colleagues or all users in your SimilarWeb account. 
  5. If a dashboard is shared is it “view-only” for all other users?
    • Yes, the owner of the dashboard is the only one who can edit the dashboard metrics. When you share a dashboard, those you share it with can view it and interact with it, but can't edit it.
  6. If a dashboard is shared with me, am I able to edit it?
    • No. However, ‘view-only’ users of a dashboard are able to duplicate it in order to edit the dashboard. These changes will only appear under their user and not on the original shared dashboard.  
  7. If I update a dashboard after it’s shared, will it automatically update for everyone?
    • Yes!
  8. Can I stop sharing a dashboard?
    • Yes, if you are the dashboard owner then you can revoke access for all other users in your SimilarWeb account.
  9. What happens if I share a dashboard with a custom asset (custom category/keyword group) in it?
    • This will work within the dashboard that was shared, but you won’t see it in your custom assets. If you duplicate the dashboard you will get this custom asset added to your user and can edit as required (this won’t be linked to the custom asset of the original user)


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