Outbound Traffic in Category Analysis

The Outbound Traffic page in the Category Analysis section allows you to track all of the outbound traffic of a specific category. This is particularly interesting if you're looking to monitor your partners or affiliates as this helps you understand where traffic is going from those websites. It might also be interesting to track the referral partners of your competitors. 

In this article, we'll cover these basic questions:


In the Research module, go to "Web Category Analysis". In the Overview section, you'll find the Outbound Traffic page. 


What data does Outbound Traffic offer? 

The Outbound Traffic page gives you an overview of all the outbound links from a group of websites you defined (i.e. custom category) or any predefined category. The table can offer a comprehensive view of the outbound links visitors click on, the percentage of the websites' traffic that navigates to this particular link and the changing trend of visitors clicking on this link. 

How can I leverage this in my work? 

If you're tasked with growing or monitoring your affiliate activity, this is a great way to see all of the traffic coming from your affiliates in one view. This way, you can track the other websites using this source of affiliate traffic and pinpoint the links that are getting the most visits from these websites. 

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