How do I generate an API key?

Admin users who have access to our API product can easily generate their own API key or an API key for another user on their account within the Similarweb platform.

Note: Only account administrators can generate new API keys.

To generate an API key, follow these steps:

  1. From the left menu, select Settings > Account.

  2. Select API > Standard API.

  3. Click Generate a New API Key.

  4. Enter the API key name.

  5. Select the primary user of the API key you are creating - have you generated the API key for yourself or for another user on the account? If this key is for another user, enter their email address.

  6. Click Create.

    Your key will be displayed in the Generated Keys table.

  7. Finally, you'll need to confirm that the key is activated and can be used to pull data.

    • In the Generated Keys table, click the "+" to the left of the email address of the user you generated the API key for. You'll see a drop-down with the specific API key(s) generated for that user, including the Title, Key, Created Date, Last Used, Monthly Usage, and Activation.

    • Under the Activation column, make sure the toggle is on for the relevant API key.

    Note: If an API key has been created but not activated, then you will receive an "Invalid API key" error when trying to pull data with it.


Can I rename or delete an inactive API key?

Currently, it is not possible to delete or rename inactive API keys.

If you are an account admin, you can reactivate an inactive API key by going to Account > Standard API > Generated Keys table and clicking the Activation toggle.

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