What updates were made to the Similarweb extension?

Users of the Similarweb extension are likely to notice changes in the UI and data visualization within the extension starting October 24th, 2018. Following extensive research based on usage data and customer interviews, we found there were sections in the extension with low usage. So instead of letting them sit out there in the sun like stale cookies, we decided to revamp the extension and optimize access to the data our customers love from within their browsers.

We aim to keep our data clean and relevant so you can find actionable insights faster. The teams at Similarweb work hard to offer data in a way that anyone can consume and understand easily. The changes to the extension offer users:

  • Enhanced performance

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Optimized data visualization

If you wish to view a more extensive version of the data, just head to similarweb.com.

On our website, simply search for any website and you’ll find all the data on referrals, search social network sources, ads or apps that were previously available within the extension in addition to extra metrics like audience interests by topic, subdomains, traffic share of paid versus organic keywords, and more. You also have the ability to compare websites and download all retrieved data in PDF format.

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