Mobile Web Search Traffic BETA

A comprehensive analysis of mobile web search traffic reaching the analyzed domain within the chosen time frame and country.

Overview Section:  The following parts are included in the Search section:

  • Total Visits: Sum of site visits (non unique) from search sources over the selected time period and country from mobile devices. The percentage of traffic coming from mobile web search out of the total incoming mobile traffic is also shown.

  • Search Visits: Search visits over the selected time period and country from mobile devices.

Detailed Listings:  The table shows a detailed list of the search terms, including:

  • Search Terms: Words searched for by users in search engines which drove traffic to the analyzed site.

  • Traffic Share: Percentage of traffic from the search term, which drove traffic to the analyzed site.

  • Change Column: Increase or decrease in the percentage of the search terms traffic share from the past calendar month.

  • Volume: Average number of monthly searches for the analyzed keyword(s) in Google (over the last 12 months).

  • CPC: Average price that advertisers paid for a click on their ad in Google’s paid search results (over the last 12 months).

  • Position: URL’s organic position on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) (in the last 30 days).

  • URL: Most recent URL displayed in organic Google search results in the selected country (over the last 30 days).


Analyze the nature of which websites are getting the highest traffic share for terms specifically on Mobile Web.

For more information, see Searching for Mobile Competitors.

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