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Description:  Shows the industry's leaders based on their traffic source.  The section breaks down the leaders by traffic channel, showing the leading sites in each.

Overview Section: The traffic sources are:

  • Referrals - Traffic sent via links from other domains such as affiliates, partners, news coverage, review sites and direct media buying (not through ad networks).
  • Search - Traffic sent via the results on search engines such as Google or Bing. Can be filtered by paid & organic, paid only or organic only.
  • Social Traffic sent from social media sites, such as Facebook or Reddit.
  • Display Ads - Traffic sent from other domains via a known ad-serving platforms (i.e. Doubleclick, Taboola).
  • Direct - Traffic sent from users via: URLs entered directly into a browser, saved bookmarks or any links from outside the browser (i.e. Microsoft Word), Popup ads, Autofill.
  • Mail - Traffic sent from web-based mail clients.

Detailed Listings:  The table shows a detailed list of the top websites within the chosen traffic channel including:

  • Traffic Share - The percent of traffic sent to each domain.
  • Change - The increase or decrease percentage of traffic share from the past calendar month.
  • Rank - The traffic rank of a site compared to all other sites in the world (#1 being the site with the most traffic in the world).
  • Monthly Visits - The sum of all visits (non-unique) per month.
  • Visit Duration - The average time spent by the users on the website per visit.
  • Pages/Visit - The average website pages viewed per visit.
  • Bounce Rate - The percentage of visitors that viewed only one page on the website before exiting.
  • Adsense - Indicates whether the domain uses Google AdSense.




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1 comment
  • Leaders by source shows figures for one month. At what point would I be able to expect the next month to become available?

    ie. it's 5th June today and leaders by source is showing April figures. What date will it update to May?

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