Web Category Performance

The Industry Overview section contains a snapshot of the traffic stats for the selected category and country. The data is based on an index of the top 100 websites within the chosen category. The overview can be filtered by All Traffic, Desktop Traffic or Mobile Traffic.

Detailed Listings:

The Overview section contains the following data points:

  • Top Websites: Top five websites and traffic change from the previous calendar month, from the selected category over the selected time period. Websites are ranked according to traffic share.

  • Traffic Share: Percentage of traffic from desktop and mobile web for the selected category over the selected period of time.

  • Total Visits: Sum of all visits (non-unique) per time period analyzed. Change is calculated from the last month.

  • Top 5 countries: Top five countries that send traffic to the websites associated with the selected category over the selected time period.

  • Related Categories: Top five related categories to the selected category. It is possible to click on the category name to filter the industry analysis by that category.

Graph: The graph shows the selected category’s traffic distribution for the time period analyzed. The data can be viewed according to daily, weekly or monthly traffic distribution and shows the breakdown between desktop and mobile web traffic.

The graph can be filtered by:

  • Monthly Visits

  • Average Visit Duration

  • Pages Per Visit

  • Bounce Rate

Selected graphs and tables can be downloaded into a PNG, Excel or added to a Dashboard for easy monitoring.

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