How to Analyze Competitive Growth in a Disruptive Market

This article will benchmark against new market players within the used car market (US). The Overview tab under Website Analysis will highlight the Year over Year (YoY) traffic growth and the Custom Category will assist to identify market leaders.


Five new startups are disrupting the USA used car market by offering an end-to-end service completely online.,,, and offer a complete online car buying experience that allows customers to shop, finance, and trade in cars directly on the web. With combined funding of over $700M and a new online approach, these five companies offer a strong alternative to traditional used car dealerships and classifieds sites.  

The Analysis

A Website Analysis of the five companies shows a 72% increase in YoY traffic between July 2015 to July 2016. In July, 2015, monthly traffic from the five online car buying companies was 1,013,760.  In July 2015 monthly visits increased to 1,751,499/month.

Website Analysis > Compare > Website Audience > Overview > July 2015 - July 2016 

The Category Share tab via Custom Categories shows that held 50% of the market share through October 31st.  However marketshare dropped to 36.85% (followed by with 35.7%).

Industry Analysis > Custom Category > Category Share > August - October 2016  

Traffic to, a traditional automotive classified leader declined by over 16% (28.77M in July, 2015 to 23.9M visits in July 2016).

Website Analysis > Website Audience > Overview > July 2015 - July 2016    


Monitoring monthly traffic rates across an industry shows very interesting data and reveals new up and coming players in the market., a traditional automotive classified leader showed YoY reduction in traffic and new online used car websites such as and showed a strong increase in traffic. Carvana, a young online used car website is getting increasingly stronger.

Comparing traffic results over a long custom date range gives a deep insight into the growth of a company and leading market players. SimilarWeb data reaches back up to 36 months, providing insight for a thorough YoY growth report. The Custom Category section enables monitoring of up to 100 companies, revealing the leaders, their strategies and market share.    

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