New in Top 100 List

The New in Top 100 List module contains the list of new entries to the top 100 apps over the last 28 days.

The list shows the top 10 apps that have moved into the Top 100 list of apps based on Usage Rank or Store Rank (depending on which toggle you select), during the past 28 days. When assembling this list we give priority to apps that ended up with a higher rank in the top 100 list.

The apps in this widget can be filtered by Operating System (Android or iOS), country, App Store Category and Top Leaders (top free, top paid, top grossing).

When filtering the App Store, there’s also an option to filter between iPhone and iPad.

Currently Usage Rank is available for Android apps only. Store Rank is available for both iOS and Android apps.


Research Intelligence > Industry Research > App Category Analysis > Trending Apps

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