Setting Up My Custom Dashboards

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Description: You can now position a custom selection of widgetized metrics side-by-side on a single page, gaining a comprehensive  overview of all the important changes across your chosen websites and mobile apps.

With this feature, you can:

  • Create a separate dashboard with unique metrics for each of your business needs
  • Customize and organize your dashboards with a simple drag & drop capability
  • Easily reach the PRO tables from your dashboard to further investigate the data



Use Cases:

  • Explore changes in visits and engagement metrics for key competitors
  • Compare different traffic sources side-by-side
  • Track cross-device performance on a single dashboard
  • Analyze the differences website traffic and app usage by country

Dashboard Example - Online Shopping in India

Amazon India is leading the race when it comes to total traffic volume to the site across all devices (1). However, it’s clear that Flipkart, which has a mobile-only strategy, grabs a larger share of mobile traffic (2,3). However, Amazon is showing a growth trend on mobile, which Flipkart would be wise to track (4).

Available metrics:

Websites Apps
Referrals Store Rank
Total Visits Usage Rank
Avg. Visit Duration Current Installs
Bounce Rate Daily Active Users
Pages per Visit  
Top Non-Branded Keywords  


Additional customizable elements include*:

  • Country
  • Data Range (28 days – 36 months)
  • Presentation Type (Pie Chart, Table, Single Metric, Graph)
  • Date Granularity (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

*These vary by widget type (desktop vs mobile app) and metric.



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