Category Distribution

Location: Category Distribution can be found in multiple modules include Website Analysis, Industry Analysis and App Analysis

Description: Shows a breakdown of traffic share organized by the relevant leading categories.

Website Analysis and Industry Analysis:
In Website Analysis and Industry Analysis modules, the widget shows the distribution of traffic from the top Website Categories (as defined by SimilarWeb) to the analyzed domain or industry.

For example, Category Distribution in the Website Referral Traffic section shows the most frequent categories of sites that are referring traffic to the analyzed domain.

Category Distribution in Audience Interests shows the most frequent categories of sites that are visited before and after the analyzed domain in the same browsing session.
On the Industry Overview section, the widget shows specifically the distribution of sub-categories in the chosen industry.

App Analysis:
In the App Analysis Module, the widget shows the distribution of traffic from the App Store Categories as defined by Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
For example, in the App Audience Interests section, Category Distribution shows the most frequent categories out of all app categories that are installed and used by users of the analyzed app.

Visuals: Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Referrals




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