Top Apps contains a list of apps that are ranked by several metrics:

  • App Title: Name of the App as it appears in the App store.

  • App Publisher: Publisher of the App.

  • Main Category: Google Play's main category for this app (note that certain categories in the Play Store store are not considered main categories, e.g. Family, Android Wear, etc.).

  • Category/Country Usage Rank: Usage rank is based on Similarweb's calculation that factors in "Current Installs" and "Active Users" in the app's main category. The rank is benchmarked against two types of lists, free and paid, depending on the app type.

  • Affinity Score: Represents the level of probability of an app being used by the same users who installed and used the app.

The list can be filtered by Category Distribution.

In addition, the Top Apps by Category metric includes the top 5 apps under the top 4 most popular App Store Categories in the App Audience Interests app list.

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