Popular Pages


Popular pages reveals any website’s most popular and trending inner pages. Pages are ranked according to share. The share is calculated based on the top pages that received the most page-views within the chosen time period. The percentage for each page represents the amount of page views out of the top pages.

Business Implications:

Insights shown in Popular Pages prove essential for business researchers who are analyzing specific companies and for marketeers who want to plan their business strategy based on Data Driven Decisions. The information gained from Popular Pages can be used to apply direct knowledge for a site, offer the most relevant products and offerings to an audience, build successful landing pages, and evaluate competitor's strategy and performance.

Use Cases:

Leading uses for Popular Pages:

  • Reveal competitors’ organic and paid campaign strategies and their performance.

  • Reveal client lists of B2B competitors, or to better understand prospects.

  • Uncover a company's internal search queries.

  • Improve users' website navigation.

  • Reveal successful content strategies and trending topics.

Popular Pages Use Case Scenario - Asos.com

Based on Popular Pages from Asos.com, we can learn:

  • 3.16% of visitors to Asos.com first visit the Women's section of the website

  • The Asos.com checkout page represents 2.16% of their traffic

  • The Men's "Just In" receives 2.05% of their traffic

  • Women's "Sale" items represents 1.58% of Asos.com traffic

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