Traffic Sources Overview

Traffic Sources displays the distribution of traffic by the different traffic sources.

Overview Section

Shows a macro view of Traffic Share and Traffic Volumes by Source for a specified timeframe.

Traffic is measured by multiple sources:

  • Direct: Traffic sent from users via: direct URL address entered into a browser, saved bookmarks or any links from outside the browser (i.e. Microsoft Word), Popup ads, Autofill.

  • Mail: Traffic sent from web-based mail clients.

  • Referral: Traffic sent via links from other domains such as affiliates, partners, news coverage, review sites and direct media buying (not through ad networks).

  • Search: Traffic sent via the results on search engines such as Google or Bing and search partners. This section includes both organic and paid search traffic.

  • Social: Traffic sent from social media sites such as Facebook or Reddit.

  • Display Ad: Traffic sent from other domains via a known ad-serving platform of banner or content suggestion ads (i.e. Doubleclick, Taboola).

Detailed Listings:

Shows a detailed listing of all inbound traffic sources

Data is listed with the following details:

  • Traffic Source: Source that drove traffic to the website analyzed.

  • Source Type: Type of source that sent traffic. Types include: Direct, Mail, Referrals, Social Networks, Search Engine, and Display Ads.

  • Global Rank: Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the world (#1 being the site with the most traffic in the world).

  • Traffic Share: Percent of traffic sent to the category. Only top 1000 referrers are taken from each source and therefore total traffic share will not sum to 100%.

  • Change Column: Percent change from last month.

  • Category: Category best describing the domain analyzed.

  • Adsense Column: Indicates whether the domain uses Google AdSense.

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