Outgoing Ads

Location: Website Analysis > Traffic Destination > Outgoing Ads

Description: The Outgoing Ads section contains a list of domains (advertisers) receiving paid traffic from the analyzed website (publisher).

Overview Section: The top of the page shows the following sections:

  • Total number of outgoing visits via ads
  • Graph of outgoing ads over selected period of time

Detailed Listings: The bottom of the page includes two tabs:

  • 1. Advertisers (destination domains), including this general information:

    • Total number of outgoing ads
    • Total number of advertisers (destination domains)
    • Sources chart
    • Category distribution for all destination domains

    In the table under this tab, you’ll find the following information per destination domain:

    • Website Category
    • Global Rank
    • Traffic share
    • Change Column
    • Adsense Column

    2. Ad networks (working with the analyzed website):

    • Ad network name
    • Traffic Share

    Both tables can be exported to Excel, as well as sorted by any of their columns.



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