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Description: The retention contains information about the retention rate of the analyzed app, measured  from the day of installation (installation day = day 0). Retention refers to the percentage of users that opened the app at least once, X days post installation day.

To better understand and benchmark the retention of an app, we have created three important metrics: 

  • Early Churn – users that leave at an early stage
  • Loyal Percentage – users that stay longer
  • Median Lifetime – a metric based on Early Churn and Loyal Percentage

Retention is also measured using a bar chart and list based on installation day. These compare the analyzed app’s percentage of returning users to a chosen App Store Category from day 0 to day 30.

Overview Section: The top of the page shows the following sections:

  • Loyal vs. Early Churn
  • Bench-marking tool
  • Returning users post installation graph

Detailed Listings: The bottom of the page shows a detailed list of:

  • The percentage of returning users
  • The percentage of returning users of the category top leaders



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