Reveal Your Competitor’s Digital Strategy and Gain New Qualified Traffic

In this article, we will learn how to analyze competitors marketing strategies by looking at their Traffic Sources. We will deep dive into Referrals in order to discover which affiliates they worked with and we will use Search in order to analyze the content strategy they implemented.

Introduction (Kickass Torrent) was a Torrent-sharing site. It was owned by the same person that your US Government in 2012. was also taken down by the US Government, which caused a massive drop in traffic from 16.4M visits to 5.5M virtually overnight:

Website Analysis > Website Audience > Overview > July 2016 -

The Analysis

The downfall of on July 21st displaced large amounts of qualified traffic into the open market; high value for other file sharing websites. We can see which strategies focused on before the take down, by looking at the Traffic Sources > Overview in June:

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Overview > June 2016

The table shows that received the majority of their traffic through Direct, Referrals and Organic Search.

Referral traffic previously directed to has now become available for other torrent websites. Knowledge of leading referrals such as provides strategic insights for competitiors.

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Referrals > June 2016 - received 126M referral visits in June 2016 and that 59% of that traffic came from A deeper analysis of measures thier health score as a suitable affiliate.

The Engagement Metrics for show that they send qualified traffic to thier partners.

Website Analysis > Website Audience > Overview > June 2016 -

Outgoing Links show additional websites they are working with. This is another source of valued data for competitors.

Website Analysis > Traffic Destination > Outgoing links > June 2016 -

The Organic Search field shows leading keywords used to drive qualified traffic to their site.

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Search > June 2016 - 

There are different ways to build a list of keywords to target. Search terms could be sorted by traffic share, showing leading keywords which were successful in driving traffic to Search terms can also be sorted by volume, showing which terms had the highest average of searches on Google. Popular Words Within Terms displays a long tail target list.


The analysis shows direct insight to the marketing strategy of and details elements which drove the highest traffic volume. Analysis of verified them as a healthy referral and leading traffic source. The keyword report showed leading keywords driving traffic to

A thorough competitive analysis identifies valuable insights about your competitor's digital strategy. Traffic Sources provides the ability to discover which strategies competitors are using and incorporating their successes into your own marketing landscape. Referrals show who competitors have partnered up with (affiliates, publishers, etc.) and Search highlights the keywords list that have been incorporated into their content strategy.

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