How to Reveal e-commerce Leaders Marketing Strategies

In this article we will use Industry Analysis to discover leaders within a specific market and country. We will Compare two competitors in order to benchmark one from the other and look at Search to analyse the correlation between the two. We will drill down into Organic Traffic to see how they compete on the same search terms and steal traffic from one another. Finally we will look at Popular Pages to analyse the effect of a sale on conversion rates.  


Between August 8-10 Amazon holds it's "Great Indian Sale". We thought it would be interesting to look at India's top eCommerce sites and see how Amazon's sale impacts their traffic. We used Industry Analysis in order to discover the leaders within the shopping industry in India, and saw that (a large Indian eCommerce site) is 2nd to

Industry Analysis > Leaderboard > Top Websites > Shopping > India

Both companies showed a sharp increase in traffic between August 7-9 2016. had a 48% increase in traffic, going from 3.4M daily visits to 4.9M. had a similar increase of 43%, going from 7M to 10M daily visits:

Website Analysis > Website Audience > Overview > August 2016 > Compare -,

The Analysis

In order to benchmark to, we will drill down into their traffic sources during the month of August. We can see that both sites had similar strategies, however it is interesting to see that although received a much higher amount of traffic than, the latter succeeded in gaining a higher share of traffic via direct than did, and almost the same share of traffic via organic search:

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Overview > August 2016 -

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Overview > August 2016 - 

When filtering down to Organic traffic only, we can see that Flipkart is competing with Amazon on almost every search term. What is particularly interesting is that is poaching traffic from on their branded search terms:

Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Search > Organic Only > August 2016 > Compare - -

Looking at both company's Popular Pages we can gain an insight into how the sale affected their conversion rates. We can see that had an increase in traffic to their 'cart' page from 3.09% to 3.39%, this may seem like a slight increase but 0.30 percent out of around 120M visits is a huge increase in sales.  

Website Analysis > Website Content > Popular Pages > July 2016 -

Website Analysis > Website Content > Popular Pages > August 2016 -

Amazon had a larger conversion rate going from 4.75% to 5.08% visits to their 'cart' page (a 0.33% increase out of around 220M total visits), indicating a much larger rate of sales:

Website Analysis > Website Content > Popular Pages > July 2016 -

Website Analysis > Website Content > Popular Pages > August 2016 - 


It is transparent that Amazon's sale had a large impact on eCommerce traffic, especially for and It is also obvious that there is a close correlation between and They have the same trends in traffic, they use the same keywords and have a similar conversion rate in sales. However it is clear to see that's strategies are more successful than Not only are they gaining more traffic and have a higher conversion rate but they are also successfully poaching traffic from Flipkart's organic keywords. could improve their marketing efforts by far, by analysing's strategies and incorporating their success.

It is important to keep up to date on your competitors, especially during special events. The Industry Analysis enables you to see who the leaders are within different industries and analyse who is performing best within each traffic source. The Website Analysis Overview will show you competitor's trends in traffic and assist you to benchmark yourself against your competitors. Breaking down the Search traffic by Organic or Paid traffic gives you a deep view into what keyword strategies your competitors are using and if they are stealing traffic from you. Finally Popular Pages aids you to see your competitors conversion rates and gives you insight into how you are performing compared to them.

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