Website Traffic Sources

Location:  Website Analysis and Industry Analysis modules

Description: Contains a comprehensive analysis for each traffic channel sending traffic to the analyzed domain over a select time period.

SimilarWeb Pro provides a breakdown analysis of following traffic sources:

  • Direct Traffic –traffic sent from users via: URLs entered directly into a browser, saved bookmarks or any links from outside the browser (such as on Microsoft Word)
  • Mail Traffic – traffic sent from web-based mail clients
  • Referral Traffic –traffic sent via links from other domains that are not otherwise classified (mail, social, display, search)
  • Search Traffic –traffic sent via the results on search engines such as Google or Bing
  • Social Traffic –traffic sent from social media sites such as Facebook or Reddit
  • Display Ad Traffic – traffic sent from other domains via a known ad-serving platform (i.e. Doubleclick)



Traffic Sources (Website Analysis):

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