Audience (App Analysis)

Audience insights are revealed within the App Analysis module. Audience data for the analyzed domain includes audience demographics and interests.

Audience demographics and interests reveal the age range and gender of the app's audience, while also understanding related app behaviors.

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  • Typical App User: Common attributes of app users: typical gender, age group, and overlapping app usage

  • Gender distribution: Gender distribution of the app's users

  • Age Distribution: Age distribution of app's users


  • Category distribution is listed by Top Categories and by Top App's by Categories

  • Top Categories: Most frequent categories out of all categories of apps that are installed and used by users that have installed and used an App. 

  • Top Apps by Categories: Apps with a high probability of being used by the same users that installed and used a specific App under 'Top categories' 

  • Table of Top Apps by Title, Category Usage Rank, Country Usage Rank, and Affinity Score:

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