Spotlight on a powerful time period filter: Last 28 Days

Spotlight on a powerful time period filter

Do you use SimilarWeb’s ‘Last 28 Days’ time period filter? Doing so allows you to see the last month’s data with only a 48 hour lag! What can you do with the last 28D granularity?

  • Discover industry trends as they are happening
  • Monitor website and app performance week-over-week during the last 28 days
  • See the impact of current events and campaigns on your business

Find it here:



We aim to release daily data within 48 hours after the end of a specific date (EST time zone). For example, data for the 14th of a month would be published by the end of the day on the 16th (EST).

The Last 28 Days filter is available on the paid version of SimilarWeb and on the SimilarWeb API.


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