How Can Similarweb PRO Help Compare My Website Traffic With My Competitors?

It’s not a secret that Similarweb PRO’s real value lies in its competitors’ comparison abilities. Knowing who is sending traffic to your competitor’s sites, where your competitor is attracting traffic from and with what ad networks, referrals, and keywords is indispensable.

In this article Online Marketing Managers will learn how to reveal competitors’ marketing strategies using the ‘Compare’ feature on Similarweb

Case Study – IMDB VS Rotten Tomatoes VS Yahoo Movies

In order to show you the beauty of the Compare Tool in Similarweb PRO, we’ll compare 3 well known movie reviews websites and see what we can learn.

*With Similarweb PRO you can compare up to 5 domains at a time.

Website DNA:

Let’s start by looking at the Website Overview section, or, as we like to call it, the website’s DNA. In this section you’ll be able to compare between the sites’ visits and engagement, and also see their Traffic Sources Distribution. In our example it’s clear that is getting most of its traffic from Referral traffic, while the other two competitors are strongest in Search and then Direct. This finding is worth further investigation.

Digging Deeper:

In order to better understand the traffic distribution we found for these competitors, we should go to the Website Referral Traffic section.

Almost 100% of Yahoo Movies traffic comes from, revealing that it’s main marketing strategy is generating traffic through network sites.

Looking into the rest of the list we can get a clear view of which domain controls which referral. In this case, IMDB controls 90% of referrals from Wikipedia and 100% of referrals from PirateBay.

Let’s have a closer look into IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes’ main traffic source – Search with the Website Search Traffic section.

From the distribution of traffic per keyword we discover that IMDB takes most of the traffic when it comes to search.

In this article we went over the insights we gain by comparing competitors side by side using the ‘Compare’ feature on Similarweb. We went over the two major traffic sources for the three movie review sites, and discovered their strengths and weaknesses in each.

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