How to gain insights about your audience

Discover Your Audience's Interests

Once you identify your target audience, it’s still a challenge to know what makes them tick, what draws their attention and keeps them engaged. To help answer these questions, we’ve created a section on Similarweb that reveals browsing habits. This section is called – Audience Interests.

This article will teach Business Analysts and marketing managers how to use the Audience Interests section to gain insights about their audiences. (capitalize Business Analysts)

Learning All About Audience Interests

Internet users usually tend to have repeating patterns when browsing the web. This is especially relevant when they’re looking for specific services or products. For instance, a user that is looking for a flight to Barcelona will probably also look for accommodation, compare car rental prices, and possibly check the weather in that city for the duration of his visit.

With Similarweb you’ll be able to track these patterns. These patterns are revealed on the Audience Interests section, where you’ll find sites that were visited before and after visiting the analyzed domain. These sites are sorted by the Affinity column, which indicates the likelihood of users that visit the site you’re currently analyzing, to visit these sites as well.

In this example above we see that visitors of tend to visit the coupons site – This means that one of the main interests of Amazon’s visitors is special discount deals. Based on this information, the marketing team in Amazon might decide to give higher priority to discount pages in the site. Another important insight is that, a content and opinion sharing social network, is number three on the list, which means that visitors of Amazon have high likelihood to visit before or after visiting Based on this, Amazon’s marketing team may decide that ads on Reddit or initiated social activity on this social network, are a worthwhile investment of resources that will help reach relevant audiences.

We can also look at the example from the consumer electronics site Site visitors to may also visit to compare products, prices and offerings; use Similarweb Pro to reveal competitor marketing strategies. Now probably already knows that electronic products are among the most popular ones in the store. However, competitors of can also discover this valuable piece of information and base their marketing strategies around that, adjusting their content to fit audiences that are interested in electronic products.

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