How to Use Similarweb to Find Domains with Competitors’ Misspellings

An important part of understanding your audience is finding out if they manage to reach your site. In some cases, they might be typing the wrong domain name and reach other sites instead of yours. Such typo or spelling mistakes can cost a lot of money in lost traffic. Here’s how you can prevent this, using Similarweb.

In this article, Flipkart learns how to use Similarweb to gain back lost traffic due to visitor's typo mistakes in the domain name.

Case Study –

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company founded in 2007 and is considered the premier e-commerce company for online shopping in India. Let’s see how we can help FlipKart discover leaks in its traffic.

Using the Audience Interests Section

In the Audience Interests section, we can see which domains were visited in the same browsing session as

Here are some examples we found while checking web traffic:




Clicking on the actual domain name will open a website analysis and reveal the number of visits to the respective domain. It’s surprising to see how many visits these types of domains receive.

This is information can’t reach by relying on its own Google Analytics. By going over this list, is able to pinpoint those domains that are costing it traffic, and acquire them.

Using the Search Section

Visitors reach a website not just through direct traffic, but through search traffic as well. The Search tab will show you more spelling mistakes like those we found under the Audience Interests section, but for organic and paid keywords.

*We recommend checking the box next to ‘Exclude branded keywords’ to speed up the screening process.

Using Filters

  • Organic only – this will show you the spelling mistakes that drove traffic to If you search these terms in, you might find some small sites trying to snag the traffic from the big name brand.

  • Paid only – this will show you the spelling mistakes that drove traffic to It’s worth checking which websites are bidding for these search terms to see how much website traffic is reaching their sites instead of the likely intended destination

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