Connecting Google Analytics and Similarweb

Similarweb lets website owners connect their Google Analytics account to Similarweb and share website data. Making this connection allows you to:

  • Benchmark your performance: Connecting your Google Analytics account privately will give you and your team a comprehensive view of your website to benchmark performance directly against your competitors using Similarweb.

  • Get verified by Similarweb: Connecting publicly is useful for publishers and media brands who want to display their verified traffic to potential advertisers and partners and demonstrate their audience reach plus engagement metrics.

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about connecting your Google Analytics and Similarweb account.


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Public and Private Connections

You can choose from two types of connections:

  • Privately: this option is available for Similarweb users and will show verified data only for users who have access to that account. Verified stamps will not be shown for a website that is verified privately; however, they will be visible to users on the same account as the original user who completed the private connection.

  • Publicly: this option is available for all users. This will display desktop, mobile, and tablets, visits, and engagement data, directly from your Google Analytics on your Similarweb page. Anyone who views your page in Similarweb will see this data, along with the verified stamps.

Note: It can take between 24-48 hours for GA data to sync.

How to connect Google Analytics and Similarweb

There are two easy ways to connect your Google Analytics account:

  • Connect your Google Analytics account from within the Similarweb platform.

    When logged in to Similarweb, connect anywhere you see the Google Analytics icon, and via the ‘Is this your website?’ prompt on the following pages: Traffic and Engagement, Website Performance, Dashboards, Marketing Workspaces, and others.

  • Connect your Google Analytics from the Similarweb website.

Note: If you don't have a login to our premium service, you can publicly verify your site from our free website

To connect your Google Analytics account:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your domain into the search bar. The overview page for your domain is displayed.

  3. Click Claim Your Website next to Traffic Overview.

  4. Select Connect Google Analytics.

  5. Enter an account to log in to your Google account.

  6. Choose the website to be measured. Click Next to complete the connection.

    Note: It can take up to 48 hours to see verified data on your Similarweb website page.

If you have more than one website associated with your Google account, you can repeat the process and connect multiple websites. Note that you can only add one google analytics view per website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to privately connect my Google Analytics with Similarweb?

The option to connect your Google Analytics privately is available for our users and will show verified data only for users under the same account that verified the website. Verified stamps will not be shown for a website that is verified privately.

Q: What data points are going to be affected once I’ve connected my Google Analytics with Similarweb?

Once you’ve connected your Google Analytics account with Similarweb, the following data points will be taken from Google Analytics:

  • Total Visits (sessions)

  • Pages / Visits

  • Avg. Visit Duration

  • Bounce Rate

  • Monthly Unique Visitors

  • Visitors per Unique Visitor

These insights will be available on the Website Overview and Traffic & Engagement pages. These pages will be stamped with a ‘verified data’ stamp if shared publicly.

Note: There is no indication that a website has shared its Google Analytics if done privately.

Q: Is it possible to only send some data within GA, i.e., Visits and Pageviews?

No, there is no custom Google Analytics sharing. It is also not possible to connect to Similarweb via SDK.

Q: How is the ranking calculated?

Rankings are based on Similarweb estimations, not Google Analytics data. This ensures a consistent approach across all sites on the platform, as not all sites are verified.

Q: Can I connect my Google Analytics in incognito mode?

You cannot connect your Google Analytics from an incognito window, as 3rd party cookies and data storage must be enabled in the web browser. Please try connecting from your browser's main session.

Q: Is connect for GA4 supported?

Currently, we do not support connections for GA4.

Q: How do I disconnect my Google Analytics from Similarweb?

You can disconnect your Google Analytics from Similarweb directly via your Google Analytics account. See here for instructions.


Issue: My site is not showing up under Connected Accounts.

This issue arises when the email address for Similarweb and the email address for Google Analytics are different. To be listed in Connected Accounts, the email addresses must match.

In addition, verify that you are connecting the correct email address and have the necessary Google Analytics permissions.

Issue: Failed connection error when trying to connect my Google Analytics

A failed connections will occur when the URL specified in your Google Analytics view settings doesn't match up exactly with the site you are trying to connect to.

In your Google Analytics, verify the Property Name field and the Default URL field are the same as the domain in Similarweb.

Error: "We were unable to find the selected Google Analytics property associated with the selected website. Please ensure to select only a property that exists on the selected website."

When connecting to Similarweb, the web property you selected to connect is not currently integrated in the domain. To resolve, confirm the GA web property is correctly integrated into the domain and that you are trying to connect the correct property.

Error: The domain is already associated with a different GA profile. Please try a different domain name.

There is an existing account with a different email address connected to Google Analytics for this domain in Similarweb. We suggest consulting with colleagues to determine who has access to GA and see if they have connected the account, or if it has been connected privately.

If you are unable to resolve this, contact Customer Support for more information.

Error: There is no Google Analytics account associated with this user. Please try connecting a different account. For more information, please see our knowledge center.

This error may indicate that the email address used to connect is not an admin on the GA account. Verify that you are trying to connect with the correct email address (perhaps your GA accounts was associated with a personal email, such as a Gmail account). Contact Customer Support for more information.

Error: There is no data for the selected website. Please try again with a website that has at least 3 months of data.

We were not able to detect any visits or users on GA for this site for the past 3 months. When we are unable to detect visits, we are not able to complete the connection. Please try with another property that has 3 months of data or more.

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