Do you want to invite coworkers to use your account? If you are an Admin, you can do it easily through your account settings.

To invite a new user:

  1. Log into your Similarweb account.

  2. From your profile icon, click Account.

  3. Click User Management.

  4. Fill out the user’s information.

    You can assign the necessary level of permissions for the new user by selecting Role in the drop-down menu. 

    - Admins have full access to the Similarweb platform. They can manage users on their accounts, view usage reports, and billing information. 

    - Champions have full access to the Similarweb platform and can invite, edit, and remove account users on the account. 

    - Users have full access to the Similarweb Platform and can view and edit their own account details.

  5. Click Invite.

    The user will receive an email invitation, and all they have to do is click the link to begin the account activation process.


    You can use the Bulk Invite to easily add multiple users. Just download our template and follow the format. When finished, upload your file. You can invite up to 200 users, but the number of users you can add depends on your package.

    Invites are pending until the user accepts. Pending invites will count against your account license total. If the user doesn't accept within 30 days, the invite will expire. You have two weeks to resend the invite before it's removed.


  • Depending on what package you have, you can add multiple users to your account.

  • If the user is new to Similarweb, they’ll continue with the registration process. If the user is registered already with our free version, all they have to do is click the invitation link, which will direct them to a login page. By logging in, their credentials will be transferred to your Similarweb account.

  • If for some reason, the user didn’t receive an invitation, we recommend checking the Spam or Junk Mail folder.


How can I reassign a seat?

To reassign a seat, you must first deactivate an existing user, and then you can add the new user.

I don't see available seats, but I haven't used all my licenses. What do I do?

If you have pending invitations, your account’s seats will see an exceeding number of licenses used or will have no more licenses available. To free these seats and return to your license limit, all you need to do is cancel pending invitations.

I got an error message when trying to invite a colleague to my Similarweb account. What can I do?

In this case, the admin should contact our support team.

When managing users, can I include the department and country of the user?

Yes! You can include the user's name and country to help you manage all your users more efficiently. To add this information, select a user (in the Activated table), and fill out the relevant fields in User Details.

How do I change a user's permission?

Go to Settings > Account > Users > User Management and click the pencil icon next to the name of the user you would like to change permissions for. In the Permission field, click the drop-down list and select another permission. The permission is automatically saved.

Will a user be notified if I change their permissions from user to admin?

Currently, if you are moving a user and also changing their permissions on the new account from User to Admin, the user does not get notified that their permission level changed.

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