How do I invite users?

Do you want to invite coworkers or clients to use your account? If you are an Admin, you can do it easily through your account settings. 

To invite a new user:

  1. Log into your SimilarWeb PRO account.
  2. From your profile icon, click Account.
  3. Click User Management.
  4. Click Invite.
    Note: You can use the Bulk Invite to easily add multiple users. Just download our template and follow the format. When finished, upload your file. You can invite up to 200 users, but the number of users you can add depends on your package.
  5. Fill in the user’s information, and then click Invite.
    The user will receive an email invitation, and all they have to do is activate their account.


  • Depending on what package you have, you can add multiple users to your account.
  • If the user is new to SimilarWeb, they’ll continue with the registration process. If the user is registered already with our free version, all they have to do is login with their credentials via the invitation link.
  • If for some reason the user didn’t receive an invitation, we recommend checking the Spam or Junk Mail folder.


Q: How can I reassign a seat?
A: To reassign a seat, you must first deactivate an existing user, and then you can add the new user.

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