New Sidebar and Platform Updates: Q3 2024

This quarter we will be making some significant updates to the way the Similarweb platform is organized. 

After collecting feedback from our valued customers and watching how our platform features are used on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we have made some updates to provide a better overall product experience that provides our users with: 

  • Faster speed to insight
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Features that are powered by the most accurate, reliable, and robust data set available 

This means that some familiar features will be moved to new modules and have new homes, some will be absorbed by other features, and some will sunset permanently. 

This article maps all of these changes for you, so you know exactly where you can go to find the insights that are most important to you and continue your regular workflows. Alongside in-platform notifications, please use this article as a reference point to understand everything on all the platform changes that might impact you.

Outline of Changes

Some of the headline changes: 

  • Introducing the Search Intelligence module: This is the new home for all the amazing SEO and Paid Search features Similarweb offers. Making it easier for users to navigate and find Keyword Research, Rank and Ad Trackers (Search Tracking), Backlink Analytics, and Site Audit tools. Our keyword and competitive research features will now run on our groundbreaking Search 3.0 data set, providing best-in-class analytics.
  • De-duplication of Website Research functions: To ensure smoother workflows and less confusion, any Keyword Research or SEO-focused tool will now exclusively exist within the Search Intelligence module. The Website Research module will continue to contain some of our core Website Analysis features like Website Performance, Traffic and Engagement, and Marketing Channels (including SEO and Paid Search overviews), as well as Web Category Analysis and Website Segment Analysis features.
  • Sunsetting the Acquisition Research module: The tools that weren’t SEO or Search focused in the Acquisition Research module - i.e. Affiliate, Display, Social, Publishers - are mostly available in the Website Research module - and always have been - so that is where they will remain. As a result, the Acquisition module will be sunset and no longer exist. 
  • Sunsetting some Dashboard Widgets and Templates: We are removing dashboard widgets and templates that are based on older datasets. If users have existing dashboards that currently include those widgets, they will not be impacted, but there will be no option to click through and review the data in further depth. 
  • No impact to API endpoints of Sunset features or metrics.

The below tables outline every change that is occurring, including the features that are changing, the module they belong to, how they will change (being moved, being sunsetted, etc), and any other details relevant to the feature or where it’s going.

We are excited about how these updates will enhance your experience using the Similarweb platform and believe that they will result in a more streamlined experience for all our users. 

In order to ensure you are aware of these udpates prior to their release, you should receive communications both via email and in-platform.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team for assistance.

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