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Similarweb continually strives to enhance and optimize our data offering, and provide our customers with the most comprehensive and valuable insights into the digital world.

We’re excited to announce that we'll be releasing our newest data version in July 2024. This update will offer enhancements in accuracy of data estimations, expanded domain coverage, algorithm updates in response to evolving consumer trends and industry changes.


Similarweb data methodology

First, a refresher on Similarweb's data collection methodology -- Our data methodology uses a multidimensional approach to ensure that every data point we estimate is both reliable and representative of a site’s traffic and usage. This commitment remains firmly intact and our methodology continues to rely on four primary sources that allow us to create a comprehensive view of the digital world:

  • Direct Measurement Data: Direct input from websites and businesses

  • Global panel data: Aggregated from millions of users globally

  • Data Partnerships: Collaboration with data partners enriches our coverages

  • Public Data Sources: Web scraping and publicly available data help provide a broad market view

To learn more, visit Similarweb Data Methodology. 

So, what's different in this new data release? Read on.


What's new in the July 2024 data version

The updated data version represents significant algorithm improvements and coverage enhancements. The data will align historical and new data for consistency -- ensuring accurate comparisons and better insights. 

This powerful and exciting new data release will include: 


30M+ New Websites:  Increased global coverage by adding millions of new domains and improving our data globally.


Enhanced Web Accuracy: Improve the accuracy of core metrics, enabling higher precision of website traffic estimations.


Improved Web Insights: Provide a more accurate view of key insights, including website ranking, traffic sources & audience interests.


Historical Data Access: A full 5-year historical rerun for all core traffic and engagement metrics.  Note: Access to historical data will be based on your package. 

41339c4c-547e-4584-a8e1-076de3a885d5 Alignment across solutions: All web data across Similarweb solutions and channels will be seamlessly updated. This includes retroactive data. 

What this means for you:

  • Expanded coverage:  You can expect more reliable and accurate data estimations and broader geographical coverage which will significantly broaden the scope of web analytics you can access with Similarweb.  
  • Improved Precision and Accuracy: New advanced filtering and improved algorithms ensure your strategic decisions are based on the most precise and reliable metrics available. We've seen measurable enhancements in the metrics, as verified against direct measurements and real numbers from first-party publishers.
  • Adaptive Algorithms: The data is fine-tuned to keep pace with the dynamic web and mobile usage trends and industry shifts, such as GA4. This ensures that the data you rely on is not only the most current and accurate data available, but also predictive and insightful.
  • Historical Data: the new data will include five years of historical data rerun with the improved algorithms.


What data will be impacted 

The scope of impact will vary based on a website's size, geographic region and other parameters, including:

    • Overall traffic volumes: Some sites may see traffic numbers rise or fall depending on size and region.
    • Website traffic trends: For existing websites, trends will likely remain consistent. New websites will display data from July 2024.
    • Availability of data by country: There will be more robust coverage of websites in smaller countries, which previously displayed N/A.

The new and improved data will impact several metrics across multiple channels. These metrics include:

In addition, coverage will be expanded across many regions.  Some examples of the data coverage boost by country include: 

Data update country coverage.png 


How to get early access to the new and improved data

We recognize the importance of consistency in your decision-making processes. Therefore, prior to general release, customers can get access to the latest data version, currently in beta. Joining our early access puts this powerful data at your disposal ahead of others, and it also gives you the chance to refine your systems to ensure a smooth transition when the data goes live.

To join the beta, simply log in to Similarweb and visit the Data Exporter. Here, you'll be able to toggle on the new data version and participate in the beta.

1. Login to Similarweb and navigate to the Data Exporter.

data exporter.png


2. Toggle on the Data Version beta.

  data version.png

For more information on how you can get early access to this exciting new data, please reach out to your account manager. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Countries will be impacted?

A: The new data version will impact all available countries with additional domain coverage and improved accuracy.

Q: Where will the greatest impact be seen - on large websites or smaller websites?

A: In terms of coverage, the data for smaller sites will see the main impact. Accuracy improvements will be more evident with medium websites (>50k monthly visits) and some larger websites (>1M monthly visits).

Q: Has your data methodology changed?

A: No. Our data methodology remains the same, but we improved every component of the methodology to provide better estimation capabilities and improved coverage on both desktop and mobile.

Q. Will I be able to see the old data after the new version is implemented?

A. Yes, we will keep the old version of our data accessible via API for a period of at least 3 months after the new version is released, and then we’ll no longer retain it.

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