SAM is Similarweb’s AI-powered sales extension that helps you research prospects, craft messaging, and monitor account details. 

What is the value?

With Similarweb’s Sales AI Module (SAM) by your side, it’s like adding 3 new team members: 

  • A research guru, who prepares a detailed analysis before every meeting 
  • An outbound messaging expert, ready to grab your prospects’ attention 
  • A dedicated account assistant, who monitors every little account detail. 

Ready to integrate with your CRM, Gmail, and Google Calendar, SAM will enhance your team’s workflow and efficiency.

How to use SAM to generate insights

  Note: You’ll first need to make sure you have the Similarweb Sales Extension installed

  1. Navigate to a site that you want to analyze

      Tip: You can also analyze a site directly from the company’s LinkedIn profile!

    1. Open the extension and click “Insights”
  2. SAM will load insights based on the site’s data, including graphs and charts to illustrate the data
  3. Click “copy” and add these insights wherever you need!
  4. Click “Generate another insight” or the regenerate button for more insights

      Tip: You can help the AI learn what insights are most helpful by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon below the insights

How to integrate SAM with your Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar 
  2. Open the extension and click the settings icon
  3. Toggle “Enable on Google Calendar” on
  4. Click the Similarweb icon at the top of the meeting details to open the extension and generate insights for the company you are meeting with
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