The Rank Tracking API provides access to daily website ranking data based on specified parameters, allowing you to sync that data in your own BI tools and use and combine it with your own internal data sets.

How can I use Rank Tracker API endpoints?

You can use Rank Tracker API Endpoints to: 

  • Create your own visualizations 
  • Blend your own data with Similarweb rank tracker insights, including overall campaign performance, and keyword rank across you and your competitors.   
  • See a side-by-side view of your main ranking metrics across multiple campaigns
  • Compare performance according to specific configurations such as device and location
  • Compare holistic rank across paid and organic to understand where to best invest. 
  • Create automations based on daily, weekly, and monthly changes in performance.

  Note: You will need to have a Rank Tracker campaign set up before you can use any Rank Tracker API endpoints. Learn how to set up a Rank Tracker campaign here.

Where can I find more information on Rank Tracker API endpoints?

All of the information for individual Rank Tracker API Endpoints can be found on our Developer Hub where you can learn how to access the data sets you want to bring into your own BI tools.

Here are the available Rank Tracker API endpoints and links to our Developers Hub:

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