Demand analysis gives you a comprehensive view of the customer journey from search to clicks, helping you capture real intent signals. By analyzing search data, you can evaluate genuine intent and analyze a wider audience, complementing social listening and traditional survey insights to paint a more robust picture of consumer trends.

What is the value of Demand Analysis?

Demand Analysis provides powerful consumer demand insights, helping research teams build out their strategies by looking deeper into macro and micro consumer trends. This helps businesses to:

  • Maximize revenue by identifying new growth opportunities and increase digital market share in a highly competitive market 
  • Drive efficiency by aligning products with consumer needs to drive product development efficiency

  Tip: Demand Analysis insights should complement findings from other research methods like surveys and social listening analysis, but also highlight how quickly consumer preferences and habits change - often outpacing the analysis provided by these alternative methods.

With Demand Analysis, you will be able to generate insights quickly and answer market research questions like: 

  • How big is consumer demand in my industry?
  • How is it changing over time?
  • What are the most important macro and micro consumer trends impacting my business?
  • How can I predict trends more effectively to align with product development and marketing efforts? 

Demand Analysis Use Cases

Monetization Potential 

Quantifying the value of a trend and analyzing the size of demand is critical for your business, so validating your findings and evaluating monetization potential will ensure you’re investing your efforts in the right direction, while filling in any knowledge gaps in the process. 

Capture Micro Trends

To grow digital share in a highly competitive market, companies need to know their consumer demand at a granular level. With Demand Analysis, you can analyze a group of up to 5000 keywords, so you can deep dive into any topic and understand the fluctuations in its popularity over time.


What features are available in Demand Analysis?

Demand Analysis contains 3 features:

  • Search Trends: Evaluate the search demand around the topic your keyword list is based on
  • Total Traffic: Analyze the total traffic for any keyword or keyword list and analyze the distribution of traffic across domains 
  • Traffic by Country: Get valuable data and insights on the geographical distribution of search traffic for a keyword or list of keywords.


How to use Demand Analysis

The Demand Analysis Tool is found in the Web Intelligence > Market Research  > Demand Analysis module. To get started: 

  1. Enter a seed keyword into the search bar to build your keyword list from scratch, or analyze an existing keyword list. If building from scratch, select a country filter for the market you wish to analyze.
  2. If building your keyword list from scratch, give your keyword list a name and select the keywords from the suggestions to build out the topic your keyword list is based on. Add the auto-suggested keywords to your list or enter them manually, then click save.   


Using the Search Trends tool 

Once you’ve created or selected the Keyword List that you want to analyze then you can begin accessing the insights, starting with the Search Trends feature.

Search Trends helps you to evaluate the demand around the topic your keyword list is based on.

Key insights 

  • Demand Size helps you to understand how significant the search demand is for this topic and whether it is growing or declining over the analyzed period.
    • Growing trends indicate a positive change of more than 5%. 
    • Stagnating trends reflect a change of between 5 and -5%
    • Declining trends indicate a negative change of more than 5%
  • Demand Trend shows the fluctuations in the search trend over time. You can see if the topic has already peaked in popularity, whether it’s growing or declining, or whether there is any seasonality in the demand trend for the topic. 

  • Keywords Trends allow you to visualize which keyword from your topic list is driving the most search volume.

  • Keyword Trends Summary allows you to deep dive into the full list of keywords driving the trends. See the absolute search volume for each keyword and its percentage share of the search volume across all the keywords in your list.  Also, see the percentage change in volume over the analyzed period. 

  Tip: If you need a reminder of the keywords in the list you’ve created, you can click the ‘View keywords in list’ button. That will take you to the Keyword List tool, where you can add and remove keywords and look at other keyword performance metrics.



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