Research, monitor, and analyze the backlink profile of any website so you can see the authority and relevancy of each link and referring domain.

Backlinks Overview

What is the Value?

Similarweb’s Backlinks tool helps SEO managers gain a clearer understanding of a website’s backlink profile, whether that’s their own website, a competitor’s, or a potential affiliate or partner’s website.

Major use cases

  • Backlink Monitoring
    • Evaluate, analyze, and track the number and source of backlinks over time. This helps SEO managers report on their own backlink profile and their competitors. See when new backlinks appear, and when backlinks are lost. 
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Perform SEO competitor analysis by analyzing the backlink profiles of your competitors. Identify the sources of competitors' high-quality backlinks, explore potential link-building opportunities, and devise strategies to outrank competitors in search engine rankings.
  • Link Building Strategy
    • SEO managers can utilize the tool to develop an effective link-building strategy. By analyzing the backlink profiles of high-ranking websites in their niche, you can identify relevant and authoritative websites to target for link acquisition. The tool can provide insights into the types of content or resources that attract quality backlinks.

Other Backlink Uses:

  • Disavow Spammy Backlinks: Maintain a clean and healthy backlink profile by identifying and disavowing spammy or harmful backlinks
  • Outreach and Relationship Building: Identify potential outreach targets and build relationships with webmasters for future link-building opportunities
  • Reporting and Performance Tracking: Measure key metrics such as the growth over time, the quality/diversity of backlink sources, and the impact of backlinks on organic search traffic and rankings.
  • Penalty and Recovery Analysis: Pinpoint the source of harmful backlinks or identify any lost high-quality backlinks that may have contributed to search engine penalty.
  • Client Reporting and Communication: Provide insightful reports that allow you to showcase the progress and impact of backlink campaigns.
  • SEO Performance Benchmarking: Assess the quality, diversity, and quantity of your backlinks against competitors or the industry.
  • Historical Backlink Analysis: Gain insights into the growth and evolution of your backlink profile over time

  Did you know? Similarweb's Backlink data is updated every day. Our backlinks database contains 3.6 trillion links and is tracking 200 million domains. 

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How to use the Backlinks Analytics reports

First, navigate to the Backlink Analytics module, which is found in the Search module, under Acquisition Research on the left-hand sidebar.

Here you’ll see the 3 Backlinks Analytics reports you can access: 

  • Overview Report
  • Referring Domains
  • Backlinks

  Tip: In SEO, the link itself is most important, not the referral traffic that the link brings. The number of backlinks and the quality of the linking websites are what is important to SEO managers.


Overview Report

Select the ‘Overview’ Report and enter any website URL to get started.  You’ll see a summary of the site’s overall backlink and referring domain numbers, trends over time, and new/lost backlinks and referring domains.

  Note: Backlink analysis can only be done for one website at a time and the date range is not customizable - only available for the past 12 months 

Key Metrics and Insights

The Backlinks Overview page gives an SEO Manager access to the following metrics and insights:

  • Daily numbers of Referring Domains and their percentage change from the previous month
  • Daily numbers of Backlinks and their percentage change from the previous month

  • Referring Domains and Backlinks overtime shows the fluctuations in referring domain and backlink numbers month over month, week over week, or day over day for the past 12 months. 

  • New vs Lost insights - get an understanding of your net gain or loss of referring domains or backlinks linked to your website over time, to see how your backlink strategy is evolving as well as if there is optimization required. It's a valuable tool for assessing your link-building efforts and maintaining a strong backlink profile. 

The New vs. Lost insights metric specifically shows two key data points:

    • New Referring Domains represents the number of domains that have recently started linking to your website. These are fresh backlinks that can enhance your site's authority and visibility.
    • Lost Referring Domains indicates the number of domains that used to link to your site but have now stopped doing so. These lost backlinks can affect your site's backlink profile and may signal areas for improvement.
  • Top Countries - shows the distribution of referring domains by country
  • Top Level Domain (TLD) Distribution - Shows the distribution of referrals by domain zones.  


Feature Location

Acquisition Research > Search > Backlinks Analysis

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