My Brand Analytics offers a free, user-friendly dashboard that allows you to connect your Amazon account to Similarweb’s Shopper Intelligence.

What is the value? 

My Brand Analytics provides eCommerce teams with a free dashboard that visualizes Seller / vendor Central data. There are 3 primary benefits to using this tool:  

  1. Market Share Trends empower you to assess your market potential and opportunities, as well as to easily create product performance reports leveraging actual sales data
  2. Sales Performance: Monitor the performance of your brands and products 
  3. Comparative Analysis: Compare your brand and products against each other to identity which are high and low-performing

My Brand Analytics


How to connect to My Brand Analytics

Connect your Amazon Vendor / Seller Central Account

  1. Navigate to the “My Connections” page within Similarweb’s Shopper Intelligence module
  2. Click on “Add a new connection”
  3. Follow the prompts
  4. Your Seller / Vendor central data will be available in My Brand Analytics soon!


How to use My Brand Analytics

You can view your analytics by individual products, your brands, or the Amazon categories that your products fall into. Click one of the options above the graph to select your analytics view, and select which metric you would like to view. Using My Brand Analytics


How to use Market Share Trends

Market Share Trends allows you to view beyond just your brand’s performance and to see your market share trend across all connected products. Market share serves as a crucial metric for assessing market competitiveness. It allows My Brand Analytics users to:

  • Assess their market potential and opportunities
  • Create product performance reports with great ease 
  • Optimize their product portfolio to match consumer demand

  Tip: Child ASINs are used to display market share trends for this metric, providing even more granularity based on real sales data rather than estimations.

To access this view, click “Share” on the top right of the graph. 

“Share” button on the top right of the graph

  Note: Share Trend is only available on the Products view with monthly granularity 


Key Metrics and Insights

Units Sold

The number of units sold in the selected marketplace and time frame 
Revenue The amount of revenue generated on Amazon in the selected marketplace and time frame
Product Views The number of unique product page views in the selected marketplace and time frame
CVR Conversion Rate (CVR) is calculated by dividing units sold by product views in the selected marketplace and time frame
Average Selling Price Average Selling Price is calculated by dividing total revenue by units sold in the selected marketplace and time frame
Share Trend Share Trend is based on actual sales data as a percentage of the total estimated sales in the category. The percentage change shows the difference between each point and the initial selected date
Sales Trend Sales Trend is the percentage change in reported units sold


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