What is the value of the Rank Tracker Competitors report?

The Competitors Report gives you the ability to discover and monitor every competitor that ranks on at least one of the keywords in your Rank Tracker campaigns. The report enables you to track your competitors on a daily basis, gain insight into their SERP strategies, and how you match up against the competition.

How to use the Rank Tracker Competitors' report

View and analyze your top competitor's performance with the competitor graph and see how their number of keywords, SERP position and clicks changes over time with the date range slider bar.


This helps you to determine who are your leading & emerging competitors by: 

  • Understanding how many keywords you compete on within your campaign
  • Seeing the amount of clicks they get for these keywords vs. you and other organic competitors 
  • Showing their overall weighted average position on the SERP and how this trends over time

Most rank trackers only provide the number of competitor keywords that you are competing on, but Similarweb’s Rank Tracker Competitor Report will help you understand the actual keywords your competitor is ranking on compared to yours, on a daily basis.

You get access to the exact keyword, competitor keyword rank, and your keyword rank in a single view. Use this data as you make strategic SEO decisions on how to win more organic traffic against the competition.


  Tip #1: Viewing competitors via Tags: By looking at your competitors via the Tags filter you get to compare how you are competing across different product groups, categories, campaigns (e.g. computer electronics vs kitchen appliances).

  Tip #2: Viewing competitors via SERP Feature Filters: By using the SERP features filter and selecting Videos you will be able to see which competitors are pushing video content targeted at specific keywords. Video as a content format is impossible to ignore right now, and if you want to pull in visitors via that channel, this is a great way to see the videos and understand who you are competing with.

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