Smart Sharing with Similarweb

Smart Sharing gives you the ability to control who within the organization can access your custom assets, such as Custom Industries, Dashboards and Segments, in your Similarweb account. This feature ensures that information is only shared with the account members who truly need it.



What is the value?

Smart Sharing lets you choose the key contributors or collaborators who can access the custom assets you've set up on your account. Utilizing this feature, you retain control over potentially sensitive competitive or business performance data, such as campaign performance metrics, competitor benchmarking analysis, segment performance, or channel activity metrics.

  Important Note: 

Smart Sharing is a premium feature and is available for Solution 3.0 Enterprise Packages, and is available as an add-on option for Team and Business Packages

  • You'll need to purchase the Smart-Sharing add-on if you'd like to share custom assets with specific users on the account.
  • Custom assets will be viewable to all users on the account without the Smart Sharing add-on activated on your account.


How to use Similarweb Smart Sharing?

To apply Smart Sharing to a custom asset, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Similarweb Account and access a custom asset, such as a dashboard or custom industry.
  2. Click the Share button. 


  3. Select the ‘Restricted’ option. The list of existing users connected to that specific dashboard is displayed.
  4. To share with another user on your account, enter their email address. The user’s email will auto-populate.  Click on the email address to select them.  smartsharing2.png
  5. Add a message to include in the invitation and click Send Invite. smartsharing3.png
  6. The invitee will receive an email notification advising they have been given view-only access to the shared dashboard. They can access the dashboard by clicking the link in the email notification.


Removing a User's access to a Custom Assets 

You can update the access setting for your custom assets. You can remove a user by clicking the X next to the user/viewer name or email address. 


You can also manage user access in the Account Settings section of the platform. Account Administrators can remove users who no longer need access to the shared assets.

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