In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of customizing your Sales Signals Alerts and Email Notifications. To learn about the full capabilities and values of using Sales Signals to boost your sales efforts, we recommend you read Unlock Sales Signals.

Setting up Sales Signals

Your Sales Signals will appear in three places: in Company Overview, in your dynamic Saved Searches, and in your static Saved Lists.

  1. Navigate to Company Overview/Saved Search/My Lists.
  2. Click to open the Signals. To start, you can see the default signals Similarweb creates for you, which include 5 News and 2 Traffic signals.
    image (13).png
  3. Explore the Default Signals. In the signals setup page, you'll see the default signals created for you, including News signals and Traffic signals. Note that two signal types, technologies and Ad Networks, have no default signals created since they differ vastly from user to user.
  4. Add New Signals.  To add a new signal, click on the "Add" button next to the given category and select the new signal you'd like to create.

Once saved, the signal will be displayed in a new column within your list.

  1. Review Signal Results. Use the "Next signals" button to view the results for the next signal.

To review all the companies associated with your signals, click on the signal name and select "Websites with any of my signals" from the dropdown.

  1.  Explore Company Overview Signals. Hover over the number of signals to see which signals were found on each site. Clicking on the link in the tooltip will take you to the company overview signals.
    image (14).png

In the company overview page, you can see all the signals for a given company, including those you have created alerts for and those you aren't monitoring. Clicking on a news signal will provide more details from the source.
image (15).png

  1. Customize the Frequency of Alerts.  Return to "My Lists" to customize the frequency of email alerts by selecting from the dropdown menu. Choose the desired notification frequency based on your preferences.

Now that you have set up your Sales Signals and customize alerts,  it's time to leverage these signals to book meetings, close deals, and retain customers. Make use of the insights and opportunities provided by the signals to achieve your sales goals.

Setting up email alerts

My Lists Email Alerts: 

  1. Within the Sales Intelligence solution, select My Lists from the left sidebar. 
  2. Choose an Account List group and the specific list for which you want to adapt the frequency of emails. 

You can select:  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Paused

Saved Searches Email Alerts:

  1. Within the Sales Intelligence solution, head to the Advanced Search.
  2. Select/create a Saved Search, then click the down arrow which appears next to the name of the saved search to show the summary - Saved Search Summary
  3. In the summary you have the ability to select the frequency of email: You can select: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Paused - 

Saved Search email frequency

Congrats! Your sales radar is live! Leverage these alerts to: 

    • Find the hottest opportunities – every day!
    • Increase your response rates and boost the number of meetings booked with qualified prospects
    • Ensure you get notified of top of upsell opportunities or churn risks

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