What are data credits?

Data credits are the currency used to extract data from the Similarweb platform. Most Similarweb subscriptions come with Data Credits built-in, allowing you access to the Data Exporter and our API offerings


What’s the value?

Whether you prefer using the Data Exporter, calling data via the API, or pulling data in bulk with the Batch API, data credits are the unifying currency that simplifies how you extract data from multiple channels. Data Credits allow you to pull data and know precisely how many credits you have left. Data Credits also provide account admins more control over how much data their account uses and where that data is pulled from. This ensures that data pulls are distributed across the account in exactly the way your team needs. 


How do data credits work? 

Data credits give you the ability to extract data from our APIs and download a variety of reports from across the Similarweb platform. Every time you pull data from Similarweb, whether it’s via an API call or downloading a report, credits will be consumed based the number of results you receive. 


How do I manage data credits? 

  Note: Only account admins can manage data credits for an account. To learn more about roles click here

Account admins can allocate credits to each of the Data Tools available. Admins can also allocate Data Exporter data credits to each user on the account, and set limits to how many data credits each user can consume through the Rest API and Batch API.

Allocating credits across the account 

  Note: This allocates credits at the account level only. Scroll down for information on setting limits for individual users

  1. Navigate to the Credit Management Dashboard
  2. Click “Allocate” in the box of the tool to which you want to allocate creditsData Credits Dashboard.png
  3. Add the number of data credits you want to allocate to the chosen tool
  4. Click “Apply"

  Example: If your account has 500,000 Data Credits and you allocate 300,000 to the Data Exporter, you will have 200,000 remaining credits to allocate across the remaining tools.

Setting API credit limits to individual users 

  1. Navigate to either the Standard API or Batch API page in Account Settings
  2. Select a user by clicking the caret to the left of their email address and selecting “Limit”Limit Button.png
  3. Assign how many credits you would like the user to be limited to and click “apply” Limit Image.png

Allocating credits to individual users for the Data Exporter

  1. Navigate to the Data Exporter in Account Settings 
  2. Select the user(s) you want to allocate credits to 
    • The Data Exporter allows you to select multiple users at a time, giving you the ability to allocate credits in bulkData Credits UI.png
  3. Click "Allocate"
  4. Add the number of credits you'd like to allocate to the user(s) and click "Apply"Allocate Data Credits.png



Q: What is the difference between allocating data credits and limiting data credits? 

A: Allocating data credits removes credits from the overall account balance and assigns them to a specific tool or user. Limiting credits sets a usage boundary for users, but does not affect the overall account balance.

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