How do I set up alerts for my analysis within SimilarWeb PRO?

What is Alerts?

Alerts is a summary of any changes that have occurred within the digital activity of any analysis that you have saved.

Why use Alerts?

Alerts help you remain ahead when planning your online strategy by ensuring that you never miss important updates about sites you have analyzed.

How do I set up Alerts?

In order to set up alerts you will need to save an analysis within SimilarWeb PRO.


Where can I see my Alerts?

  • Once you save an analysis you can access your alerts from anywhere within SimilarWeb PRO by clicking on the star at the top right of any page.
  • You can also view all of the changes that took place over the last month from your homepage in SimilarWeb PRO.
  • You will receive a weekly email highlighting any digital changes that may have occurred.


Now that you have saved an analysis you can go back and save as many as you like within any module in SimilarWeb PRO

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